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Problems experienced during the various phases of the pregnancy
As soon as the doctor announces the good news that you are pregnant, you feel delighted that you will be soon given a new responsibility. However, becoming pregnant is not an easy task, as you have to be very conscious of your health and especially the diet chart. You also may have to encounter several common problems such as frequent spells of nausea during the first trimester to the swollen ankles in the third trimester. You simply cannot avoid these discomforts but you can certainly try to manage it so as to face fewer problems during the critical period of nine months.

Morning sickness and ways to deal with it

The most common concerns which a pregnant lady encounters are morning sickness. It is, in fact, the first problem which every woman has to literally deal with and there is no escape from it. There are very few exceptional women who do not have the nausea problem during the first three months of pregnancy. Some have this problem all throughout the nine months. However, you can deal with this problem by drinking ginger ale and consuming soda crackers. Also, you need to eat something at regular intervals. Never remain empty stomach, as it can further intensify the problem. Some women experience vomiting as they wake up every morning.

Third or fourth month- Pain

As time progresses, the problems and complications keep on changing. After the third or fourth month, the soon-to-be mother will start experiencing the pain. According to the obstetricians and gynecology infertility specialities services provider doctors in Pune and other locations, it generally occurs due to the stretching of the ligaments and the muscles. It is normal because the size of the baby is also increasing inside the womb and it needs sufficient space for accommodation. At times the pain may move quickly to some other parts of the body such as lower lack or down towards the thighs and legs. However, if you want to gain a comfortable position, you can have a midwife who encourages moving the baby properly. You will have recurring troubled backs, as you have to carry the entire weight towards the front. The best treatment to deal with this is to have a firm back massage.

Third trimester-Swelling

During the third trimester, you have to deal with one of the major problems. The feet usually get swelled up. It is because of the excess fluid getting accumulated in the feet and it eventually becomes painful. At times the swelling may extend way up to the knees. However, if you notice the same swelling in the face or the hands, these are warning signs of danger and should be consulted with the gynecologist at Medipoint Hospital, one of the best Gynecology Hospitals in Kharadi thereafter. However, swelling of feet is a common phenomenon in pregnancy and can be reduced by keeping the legs on an elevated object.

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You need to keep on consulting your obstetrician so as to get timely Pregnancy Solution at regular intervals. Most obstetricians doctors in Pune recommend for ultrasonography to observe the development of the baby in the womb. You do not have to suffer more than needful. Even if the problem persists, you can take the advice of the doctor at Medipoint Hospital, the best hospital in Pune, in this regard.

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