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Pregnancy guide to fighting coronavirus: From the Best Maternity specialist hospital in Pune

best maternity hospital in Pune, Medipoint Hospital based in Chandan Nagar Kharadi

We are all aware of the world pandemic that has turned our lives upside down. Finding even basic needs has become a complex task. While all this is terrifying to the normal people, we can imagine the anguish pregnant women are facing. Struggling to keep their and child’s health well, we bet there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. Therefore Medipoint, which is a trusted maternity hospital in Kharadi is here with a list of pregnancy related questionnaires and answers during this COVID-19 crisis.

So without any further ado, let’s see the most asked question during this COVID-19 situation.

Does being pregnant puts me at a higher risk?

Fortunately, there is no evidence that proves that pregnant women are more severely affected to coronavirus. A lot of renowned doctors around the world have made similar remarks.

On the contrary, the SARS, which was a similar virus, had more mortality rates in pregnant women. Thankfully this time the case is the exact opposite and pregnant women need not worry more.

Do pregnant women need to take extra precautions? If so, then what?

Being the most trustworthy maternity hospital in Kharadi, a lot of our patients rely on our advice. Therefore we would like this chance to tell every pregnant lady out there to relax and follow the normal precautious methods. Like washing hands frequently, practicing social distancing, and consuming a healthy diet to boost immunity.

How to prepare for the due date in this lockdown?

Yes, this is very concerning the question as a lot of women have their due date coming up. First of all, you need to speak briefly with the hospital you will be admitted. Try to understand the rules they have imposed to reduce the risk and follow them thoroughly.

Although, if you are still looking for a reliable maternity hospital in Kharadi or a maternity hospital for normal delivery, then Medipoint Hospital can be a great choice. We have a great team that has ample experience and knowledge to tackle the hardest of the challenges.

If a mother gets sick, what can she do to protect inborn?

Although research has shown that the virus cannot be transmitted in the uterus, the chances are higher after the child birth. Close contact with a corona virus-infected mother or breastfeeding can transmit the virus to a child from the mother. In such cases, it is best to keep the mother and child as far as possible in different wards.

As the best maternity hospital in Pune, Medipoint Hospital in Chandan Nagar is always one step ahead to keep its patients safe and secure.

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