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Many Challenges of Having an overweight Baby

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Your nine months are creeping to an end and your doctor has started expressing concerns about you having a big baby. Having a 7-pound baby is challenging, but when the baby starts climbing to 8, 9, or even 10 pounds the challenges can become overwhelming.

  • The first big change you may need to face is moving from a normal delivery to cesarean delivery. If your baby has grown large enough where it poses a health risk to both you and the baby to undergo a natural delivery your Doctor will push you to have a cesarean delivery. With today’s technology and techniques, do not let this scare you. Cesarean deliveries are very safe. Recovery from a cesarean delivery does take longer, but at least you will have the assurance of knowing your baby was delivered the safest way possible.
  • The next big challenge to having an overweight baby may have already occurred. You have your baby showers and receive all of those cute tiny newborn outfits. You were dreaming of dressing your newborn baby in all of those outfits. If you have a nine to ten-pound baby those clothes are probably going back to the store or being passed along to another expectant mother. Your baby will already have outgrown the outfits. Don’t panic, many of the outfits can be exchanged for larger sizes, and you’ll be ready. Make sure to exchange diapers which were given as gifts, also.
  • Perhaps the biggest challenge to having an overweight baby is the disappointment of not having the tiny little infant. Again, this is not nearly as a big deal as you might think. Even though your baby will be big compared to other newborns, it will seem very small to you. Your baby has a big advantage over many of these smaller babies. Your baby’s body is more developed, stronger, and you will have fewer worries than many parents. It is much better to have an overweight baby than to have a baby which is premature.
  • What does having an overweight baby really mean? It means you did a great job of nurturing your baby while it was inside of you. Your body responded perfectly to growing a baby, and your baby’s genes were strong and able to grow rapidly in the womb. You have undergone added stress and physical discomfort carrying your baby, but in the long run, it is worth it. Your overweight baby is healthy and happy.
  • Just because you have an overweight baby does not predict your baby will continue to be larger than normal throughout life. Your baby will most likely end up being very normal in size, comparable to most other children their size. They just have a head start on growth and maturity.

Preparing for your overweight baby is no different than preparing for any other baby, just buy larger clothes. You will discover your experience mirrors almost every other mother; you will just need stronger arms a little sooner. Congratulations on your upcoming baby, and the excitement which is about to begin. If you need more pull of information on the same concern, please take the help of medical professionals dealing with maternal healthcare service in Pune.

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