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COVID 19 Prevention Tips – Things to Take Care

COVID 19 Prevention Tips - Things to Take Care

Few things that we know for sure about Covid 19 are as follows..

  1. Maximum number of patients will eventually, recover completely
  2. Maximum number of patients will remain asymptomatic.
  3. Disease tends to be serious in the elderly.
  4. Disease tends to be serious, for those with, previous comorbid conditions like, Blood pressure, Diabetes, Kidney, Liver diseases, Cancer, Organ transplant etc.

However, there are significant number of elderly patients with those with comorbid conditions, who have fully recovered.

So what does that mean?

This simply means, “Healthier the person, more likely he is expected to recover.” The available data so far also proves the same.

This is important.

To remain Covid Free or to win over it, you just need to be healthier.

How can one do that?

Now that’s super easy. Just one line. Follow healthy lifestyle!

Here are some tips.

  1. Follow time schedule. Wake up, eat, sleep on time. Adequate sleep of at least 8 hours is essential.
  2. Follow healthy diet. Eat homemade food. For children, age specific food is extremely important.
    In short,
  • Solid food should be introduced by 6mo.
  • By age of one year, child should be eating almost everything that we (parents) eat.
  • Continue Breast Feeding till 2 years and avoid animal milk till 2 year.

For further details on dietary advice, one may consult his/ her Pediatrician.

  1. Physical exercise is extremely important, but one must follow social distancing norms and local guidelines. I would suggest to avoid rigorous physical exercise unless you are used to it.

Below mentioned are practices, I call as our Vaccine for the Disease.

  1. Social Distancing
  2. Frequent hand wash
  3. Proper Use of Mask
  4. Avoiding crowded areas

Follow 4 to 7 and you will certainly keep Covid 19 away.

Then what is the role of Medicines?

Well, I think, practically nothing!

Only thing that will add to this list to prevent Covid 19 will be VACCINE , whenever it is available.

Still if anyone insists, here are some medicines which will improve immunity and thus helps indirectly to prevent disease or make one able to fight it well.

  1. Vit D supplements
  2. Vit C supplements
  3. Iron supplements

These will be useful only if one is previously deficient. So non deficient individual may not take any.

While Vit D and Vit C can be taken without test, Iron should be taken only if someone is anemic.

Supplements suggested by Homeopath and Ayurveda, can be taken only after the Consultation with the specialist.

While giving these (parallel pathy) supplements to kids less than 12 years, one should be cautious, and give, only if strongly recommended.

For kids less than 2 years I would suggest to avoid. This is my very personal opinion. If someone has adequate data to establish safety and efficacy in smaller kids, one may still go ahead use those.

Last two points, I would like to stress.

  1. Elderly should continue to remain at the safety of home, even if lockdown is being lifted. Also those with elderly people at home should take extreme care and as they can transmit infection to the more vulnerable group.
  2. This point can be little controversial and follow this at your own discretion, with adequate judgement and if you are confident.

Kids above 4 years should be taken out in a controlled non crowded environment. They should be made to follow, social distancing, frequent hand hygiene and correct mask use in a supervised manner. Follow local law in enforcement rules.

Covid19 situation is going to be there for quite long time. Someday one will have to go out and face it. These trials will prepare them (kids) adequately, for the future.

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